Strategic Leadership
Do you have the right networks to help you see opportunities before competitors do?
Are you comfortable challenging your own and others’ assumptions?
Can you get a diverse group to buy in to a common vision?
Do you learn from mistakes?
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What is Strategic Leadership?
Strategic leadership is a type of management where an organizational leader develops a vision for the company's success and then uses their personality and leadership style to get others within the organization on board with the vision.
This type of top-down leadership strategy uses tactics, such as group decision-making, conflict resolution, and performance management to introduce change management practices into the organizational structure.
Managers using strategic management to enact change may also work with others on goal setting that's focused on the desired results and each individual's skills.
Who is this course right for?
This course provides an in-depth understanding of the key principles and practice of leadership. This course will enhance your knowledge, skills and attributes to effectively engage in the role and responsibilities required of an effective team player and leader of a team; being proactive in innovation and improvement to inform strategy and business planning within the organisation.
Mid-level managers and leaders - to gain the knowledge and skills required for analysing business issues, then developing and implementing strategic solutions benefiting the organisation as a whole
Leaders at any level - to gain insight into business issues and the ability to contribute to strategy formulation and implementation, which could enable promotion opportunities
What you stand to gain?
Beneficial outcomes you can expect if you study strategic leadership include increasing your value as an employee, updating your management skills, and getting hands-on practice at combining management techniques with leadership training.
If you aren't working in management yet, studying strategic management can help you learn how to be more effective as a manager from the first day on the job.
If you're already working in management, adding strategic management skills to your resume can help you move up to a higher level in management by increasing your efficiency and effectiveness as a leader.
Learning Outcomes:
Course Contents:
Is this course accredited?
Yes, it is. The content of this course is on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is universally recognized for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
Can i get a certificate for this course?
Yes, you can get a certificate of completion for this course. However, you will be required to pay a fee for the certificate upon completion.
How long will this course be free?
This free course is only valid for 4 weeks.
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