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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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£ 70

Strategic Audit

Develop an understanding of how managers can position and execute business strategies appropriately.

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 20.

Accounting for Managers

Develop the skills in preparing financial statements for a variety of organisations using a range of techniques, and that comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

£ 50

Global Finance and Strategy

Develop an understanding of the types of decisions that need to be taken when entering global markets.

£ 50

Corporate Reporting

Develop the ability to prepare and interpret financial statements for a range of business organisations.

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Public Sector Financial Management

Get the knowledge and skills of how public finance management rules, laws and regulations help leaders to evaluate and assess expenditure, income and budget for public sector organisations.

Original price was: £ 300.Current price is: £ 125.

Strategic Financial Management

Learn how to apply financial principles relevant to management in an organisational context, including analytical techniques and theories/models of management accounting, evaluation of budgetary processes, recommending funding sources and appraising investment options.

More Than 2000 People Agree That We are Different

More Than 2000 People Agree That We are Different


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    After you have identified the learning programmes that you wish to follow, then move on to the more technical steps.

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