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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Supply Chain Management

Get an in-depth knowledge about planning processes across all key aspects of supply chain management.

£ 50

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Develop an understanding of the concepts and models of effective supply chain and operations management in competitive marketplaces using case studies and real-world industry scenarios.

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Procurement Risk and Contract Management

Understand the core concepts of procurement along with the importance of identifying and managing risks related to procurement and contract management

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Procurement and Supply Management

Get a thorough understanding of procurement and supply management from a strategic, technological, process and relationship perspective.

£ 50

Logistics Management

Learners get a thorough understanding of key theoretical and operational aspects of managing logistics, specifically transportation, storage/warehousing and packaging.

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

Develop an understanding of supply chain and operations management, including its scope, impact and importance

Original price was: £ 50.Current price is: £ 35.

Sustainable Operations Management

Develop an understanding, knowledge and skills of sustainable operations management, including key elements of sustainability and their importance to businesses

£ 70

Advanced Project and Logistics Management

Understand concepts of portfolio management and the associated features

More Than 2000 People Agree That We are Different

More Than 2000 People Agree That We are Different


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